led gaming monitor

The Top Sale in July—LED Gaming Monitor

This Monday we held monthly meeting to summarize our sale data in the past July. It is a routine meeting in our company for a long time in order to help us to analyze market performance of different types of products around globe and make targeted purchasing plan. In July, our top sale products is LED Gaming Monitor.

In the meantime, our CEO Ken Cheng attended this meeting as usual. It is also extremely exciting time for hard-working staff in the past one month because rewards for their good performance is cash bonus. Incentives and approval from company could encourage sales peron to do their best. It is why we could make great progress in gaming monitor field with fierce competition for more than 10 years.

Cheng shared his entrepreneurship experience as sample to encourage new staff. Youngers not only means passion, but also means they need more time to “grow up”. In the meeting, Cheng patiently introduced features of our hot sales products—medical monitor, small size computer monitor and industrial grade android tablet.

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